Mangement Speak

Mr. Arjun Kumar, Managing Director, B.E. with Physics from Cambridge.Joined the family business in 1992.

Safety & Training are the Core for any and Every Business”

Mr. Tarun Maniktala, Director, Graduate.Joined the Company in 1989.

“Value Safety as you value other aspects because it adds value to your entire living”

Mr. Sudhir Menon, Director, Science Graduate.Joined the Company in 1990.

“There is no alternative to Safe Work Practices.”


As a part of Safe Operational Initiatives and also Positive Isolation, the company has developed a unique and pioneering Engineering Control of Cabin Door Guards for the Deployed Pay Loaders.

Operator used to keep Cabin Door in open condition during operations specially operating on hot weather conditions which created a Hazard of the Falling down of the Operator from the operator’s cabin.

The Cabin Door Guards erected at both the doors (left & right) of the operator’s cabin mitigates this risk even if the door remains open.

Also the control has been designed such that the Steering will be jam if Railing is not closed. Steering of Loader will only be possible, if Railing is in closed position, hence this caters the Positive Isolation Requirement too.

Positive Isolation Through the Deployed Control Measure

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