Mangement Speak

Mr. Arjun Kumar, Managing Director, B.E. with Physics from Cambridge.Joined the family business in 1992.

Safety & Training are the Core for any and Every Business”

Mr. Tarun Maniktala, Director, Graduate.Joined the Company in 1989.

“Value Safety as you value other aspects because it adds value to your entire living”

Mr. Sudhir Menon, Director, Science Graduate.Joined the Company in 1990.

“There is no alternative to Safe Work Practices.”

NKCPL had organized a workshop cum seminar for all Road Logistics vendor partners of RMM division on Fatigue Eradication & Safe Operations on 07/05/2019 at Hotel Jiva, Jamshedpur from 6:30pm.

The Workshop had been chaired by Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Saxena President Health Safety & Operations & Branch Head NKCPL JSR Branch with honorary guest invitees & delegates from RMM Division of TSL Jamshedpur & M/s Tarapore & Co. Other Top Management Leadership of NKCPL also attended the event with full participation.

Other Road Logistics Vendor Partners of RMM Division, M/s PMCC & M/s UIL also attended the workshop along with their Tier I employees, Safety Professional and 10 Dumper Drivers each. The same attendee structure was followed for NKCPL also.

The event commenced with NKCPL Surakshaa Shapath & NKCPL Corporate Anthem

Mr. Saxena (NKCPL) explained and talked about all the initiatives and endeavours NKCPL adopted and implemented since 2014 to combat with Fatigue related issues of the operational employees. The list comprised of 26 points covered the total number or count of alphabets in English grammar, i.e. A-Z

Guest of Honour Mr. Bailey Budhanwala delivered his opening speech and exchanged his valuable thoughts regarding fatigue issue of the drivers.

Head Inbound Logistics RMM DIVISION TSL Mr. Amrjt Singh shared his fruitfull thoughts on the issue and explained all the importance of Healthy Living to fight Fatigueness

Sr Manager Road & Rail Logisitics RMM Div Mr. Shashi Shankar Kumar appreciated the efforts made by NKCPL in the past and in continuous times and counselled all that Safety should be regarded as the Top Priority

Mr. Santosh Pandey Asst Manager Road Logistics RMM Division shared that the focus should be more on Safe Driving rather than Utilization

The drivers (NKCPL, PMCC, UIL) shared their thoughts and few suggestions were shared with others regarding the fatigue issue.

NKCPL launched another Initiative based campaign in the workshop in name of Surakshaa Sahaayak.

The workshop ended with joint dinner for all and on a positive note of commitment for more awareness and honesty in behaviours and dedication towards Safe Operations

सुरक्षा शपथ