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Mr. Arjun Kumar, Managing Director, B.E. with Physics from Cambridge.Joined the family business in 1992.

Safety & Training are the Core for any and Every Business”

Mr. Tarun Maniktala, Director, Graduate.Joined the Company in 1989.

“Value Safety as you value other aspects because it adds value to your entire living”

Mr. Sudhir Menon, Director, Science Graduate.Joined the Company in 1990.

“There is no alternative to Safe Work Practices.”

Combating Air Pollution with First Level of CO2 Sequestration


According to NKCPL Internal Yearly Campaign Planning Calendar, the Campaign topic for June 2019 is World Environment Day .0The combined execution planning of the campaign had been decided in the SCM Dated 18/05/201.

Keeping in line with the Current year's theme of Air Pollution we also had developed the Campaign in similar manner #Combating Air Pollution with CO2 Sequestration. This is a scientific Process and NKCPL have adopted the first level of the same in the first go.

Serial No Name Designation Involvement
1 Pankaj Kar DGM Maintenance In Charge of Barricading & Area Development
2 Rajeev Saxena Manager Stores In Charge of Material & Resource Procurement
3 Rakesh Kumar Singh HoD Over All Coordination & Manpower arrangements
4 Guffran Khan Maintenance Fitter Fabrication


We have developed a small piece of abandoned land in front of our office area with greenery. We have used a special fertilizer called Bio Char and Seeds of a special variety grass called Switch Grass which Sequestrate the atmospheric CO2 and captures it inside the soil level and releases Oxygen back to atmosphere and converts the Carbon molecules into Fossils. This is linked to Sustainable CO2 reduction. (In pic RMM Area)
We have further distributed plants to our Employees and TSL Delegates also.
Total 150 plants have been distributed.

Plant distribution with Bio Char Fertilizer to Chief Process Safety

Plant distribution with Bio Char Fertilizer to Chief Sustainability

Plant distribution with Bio Char Fertilizer to RMM Head, Sr. Mgr & Asst Mgr

Plant distribution with Bio Char Fertilizer to Central Road & Rail Safety


Apart from Resource Allocation & Planning of the Campaign, NKCPL TOP MGMT actively participated in the Campaign by engaging in Plantations & Distribution of Plants to TSL Delegates.

Branch Head & President Health Safety & Operations - NKCPL

GM Accounts & Finance - NKCPL

DGM Operations - NKCPL


1. Development of a Specific Area inside TSL Premises with Sustainable Environmental Co2 Sequestration Capability.

2. Distribution of 150 plants to combat Air Pollution & enhance Non Pollution.

3. Awareness among all the deployed Man powers regarding Air Pollution & its Effects.

4. Mass Awareness regarding Co2 Sequestration – It Process, Methods, Effects & Scope.

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